private autoresponder service

Are autoresponders used only for
Internet marketing

Although the majority of email autoresponders are used for Internet marketing, they are also utilized for
several other tasks like

  • Catalogs can be sent out monthly via Email  
  • Price Lists can be requested and sent automatically …for any business  
  • Restaurants can provide their customers with a menu or “today’s specials”  
  • Coupons can be sent for local area businesses …two-for-one specials, etc.  
  • Real Estate Agents can send their listings to interested prospects  
  • Applications for just about anything can be requested and returned by fax  
  • Order Forms can be sent to provide an easy way for people to order products  
  • Teachers can provide class notes and assignments  
  • Provide Answers to frequently-asked-questions  
  • Technical Support …provide technical information or manuals for products.  
  • Video Stores – New videos announcements for rental availability  
  • Book Stores can send Best-Seller lists to their regular customers  
  • School Lunch Menus for kids  
  • Theaters can provide show times and event schedules  
  • Human Resource Departments can list current job availability and descriptions  
  • And many more …the list is endless!  

These are just a few of the many hundreds of ways businesses and individuals are using autoresponders as a valuable and helpful tool. 

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